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Probation and police work together in Crawley


Managing offenders who live in West Sussex has taken a further step forward today as probation staff will now be working alongside police in Crawley.

Surrey & Sussex Probation Trust' (SSPT) Public Protection Team have moved into the town's police station in Northgate Avenue to co-locate with the Police Public Protection Team.
Detective Chief Inspector Pierre Serra, head of Speciailst Investigations for West Sussex, said: "This is another step forward in partnership working, providing an enhanced service to the public by the closer management of registered sexual and violent offenders.
"The aim is that we will be working better, together, to keep people safe across West Sussex.
"The move follows the co-location of police staff to Surrey & Sussex Probation Trust's premises in Littlehampton earlier this year. In terms of managing offenders it's another step forward in working with our partners and preparing for the future."
Andrea Saunders, Director of Public Protection at Surrey & Sussex Probation Trust, added: "We have always worked closely with police colleagues in managing potentially dangerous offenders and co-location at Crawley will allow us to be even more effective."